Withings Activite Pop

How do you feel about saving $300 on a device and not loosing any functionality? Well, then Withings’ Activité Pop is for you. Functionally identical to its $450 brother, the $150 Activité Pop sheds the leather band and high-end black or white watch faces for silicone and colors (sand, black, and blue). Like the original, the tracker is practically indistinguishable from a traditional time piece. The analog dial and appropriately sized face make the Activité family look like plain old analog watch. The only giveaway is a smaller second dial that shows your progress towards your daily activity goal. Inside, the device couldn’t be more different from your traditional analog watch. Activité monitors your sleeping, swimming, running, and walking and has a vibrating alarm to gently wake you. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 and automatically adjusts to time changes. Perhaps the killer feature that will drive the Activité Pop onto users’ wrists is an astonishing 8 month battery life through a traditional, replaceable watch battery. That combined with an understated design and reasonable price could mean that the Activité Pop has was it takes to be a break out hit for Withings. Head past the break for Withings’ launch video: