Huawei Watch android wear smartwatch women ladies elegant jewel

The Huawei Watch is easily one of the most attractive and feature laden Android Wear smartwatches on the market. The company has announced it is expanding its Watch family with two news models designed especially for women. The new wearables feature thinner wrist bands and 10 new “feminine” watch faces. The least expensive of the two models is the Watch Elegant. The $499 version of the Watch is rose gold plated and features a face surrounded by 3 rows of fine dots. If that sounds a bit understated, the $599 Watch Jewel might be of more interest. The rose gold plated device is surrounded by 68 1.5mm Swarovski Zirconia crystals to give it a diamond-like appearance. Otherwise the two new models are identical to the original device (which starts at $350); that mean a 42mm watch face with a sapphire crystal and a 1.4inch, 400×400 display. Both new watches are set to launch sometime during Q1 of 2016.  

Besides the Apple Watch, we haven’t seen a lot of women wearing smartwatches. Design is a large reason for that; Android Wear devices seem to go out of their way to be masculine. The past few months have seen softer looking watches hit the market, but they are still decidedly targeting a male audience. The new Huawei Watch models are a step towards addressing that, but they seem a bit over the top – almost as if the company swung too far towards trying to make it feminine. It is as if a panel of men decided what women like. Huawei also failed to address what is likely the biggest issue for women: size. You are seeing women wear the Apple Watch because it is available in a 38mm size; anything larger than that looks oversized on a slender wrist. Instead of focusing on jewels and gold, we would have loved to see Huawei target women by introducing a smaller Android Wear smartwatch.