Samsung Fitness Tracker Gear S2 SM-R150 Triathlon S-Patch Fitbit

Two years ago at the Mobile World Congress, Samsung introduced a bevy of new wearables. Among those was a fitness tracker called the Samsung Fit. The Microsoft Band-like device was mediocrely reviewed and didn’t make a big splash in the market place. But if a rumor from Tizen Cafe is to be believed, Samsung is ready to tackle the fitness market again. The new device appears to be based on the Gear S2; it has the same shape and seems to sport the signature rotating bezel. Code named SM-R150, SamMobile is reporting the device is being called Triathlon internally. Besides that, little is known about the device. We can infer it is possible that the new wearable will integrate Samsung’s new S-Patch bio processor, which the company showed at CES this year. Based on images from Tizen Cafe, the SM-R150 seems to have a component that attaches to one’s shirt but the purpose of it is not clear. The images also show a “Body Equalizer” view with the ability to select things such as body fat and weight, a rep counter for the gym, and a way to track hydration. In one image you can also see a screen that appears to feature Airplane Mode, music playback, and a Settings option. We expect to find out more about the device in a few weeks, when the Mobile World Conference kicks off on February 22nd.  

It isn’t clear at this point if Samsung’s SM-R150 will be a full smartwatch or solely a fitness focused device. We would be most interested in seeing a new wearable from Samsung which sheds some of its connected / app capabilities so it can enter the market at a lower price point. Priced around a Fitbit, the new SM-R150 could make a meaningful impact in the market and has the potential to introduce a whole new audience to Samsung. Combined with the company’s forthcoming iOS compatibility and the ability to connect to any brand’s Android handset, the fitness focuses SM-R150 (or whatever it is ultimately named) could prove to be a very compelling device for its target audience!