Samsung Gear S2 iOS Compatibility

Hot on the heels of Google providing iOS compatibility to Android Wear devices, Samsung is said to be investigating opening up their new Gear S2 smartwatch to iPhone users. The Gear S2 is arguably Samsung’s first mass market wearable; it is well designed, solidly built, has a clever interface, and, most importantly, is compatible with non-Samsung Android phones. UK-based site Digital Spy spoke with a Samsung spokesperson who stated that because the company allowed Android access with the device it is also “looking at” the possibility of opening the Gear S2 up to iOS devices. Clearly “looking at” means that if a compatibility solution is released, it is probably not around the corner. But for iPhone users looking for a smaller, round smartwatch, this is still encouraging news. Our only hope is that if a solution is released, it provides a richer experience than Android Wear on iOS currently offers. Early reviews of the iOS Android Wear experience have not been glowing, with frustration regarding how little the devices are able to do.