Narrative Clip 2 & iON SnapCam

Ever dreamt of a small wearable camera to take photos of everything you do all day? While not for everyone, the lifelogging product segment seems to be maturing.

Narrative launched the 2nd version of their camera this week and iON launched a new camera. The creatively named Narrative Clip 2 is the same form as the original Narrative Clip and still takes 2 photos a minute. The innards of the product have been drastically updated though. The camera has moved from 5megapixels to 8 and has a wider angle lens (86.5 degrees). Battery life has been improved and it has also gained wireless syncing via bluetooth and WiFi. The Narrative Clip 2 costs $199 and will ship later in 2015.

iON also launched SnapCam, a wearable lifelogging camera that takes a different approach. Instead of automatically taking photos throughout the day, SnapCam is designed to take photos on demand. Simply tap the camera and it will capture an image. Sounds a lot like a normal camera to us, but iON claims the small, wearable design with a .1 second delay from tap to photo makes it a compelling camera to journal your life with. Perhaps the most interesting ability of SnapCam is its ability to live broadcast HD video, but the battery exhausting feature is hindered by using up an entire charge in 1 hour. The SnapCam costs $150 and will ship Spring / Summer 2015.

Head past the break for videos of both units.