Netatmo June Bracelet

As much of the Northern Hemisphere is racing towards summer, it is important to remember that the best fashion accessory that exists is beautiful, healthy skin.  While our bodies need sunlight we all know it is best to stay out of direct sunlight when we can and wear sunscreen.  Sometimes though you want to throw caution to the wind and be in the sun, but how do we know when enough is enough.  This summer there will be several companies releasing wearable devices that track UV exposure and alert you when you have had too much.  By far the most attractive of these devices is the beautiful Netatmo June.  Looking more like a piece of jewelry than a piece of technology, June should be available this summer in platinum, gold, and gunmetal for around $100.  

In addition to tracking your daily UV exposure, June also monitors current UV intensity.  based on your skin type, the accompanying app will tell you what percentage of your recommended daily UV exposure you have had.  Also the app will alert you when you need to apply SFP or put on a hat or sunglasses.


SunSprite iOS AppHaving successfully raised money of Indiegogo, GoodLux is also launching their UV monitor SunSprite this summer.  Approximately the size of a house key, SunSprite clips to your clothing and provides a visual gauge of how much of your recommended daily UV you have soaked up.  In a clever twist, solar cells on the device mean the very thing it measures also power it.  The app serves as a coach, making sure you get enough sunlight to be healthy, but also protecting you from over exposure.  SunSprite is available for preorder for $199 and should ship “mid-summer.”


UVA+B SunFriendThere are also some decidedly lower tech options to monitor your UV exposure.  UVA+B SunFriend is a simple wearable sensors that tracks your time in the sun.  Looking like a drugstore watch, the device is worn on your wrist and has 11 small LEDs in a dial that track your daily UVA and UVB exposure.  The lights begin flashing when you need to seek shade.  The $50 device is scheduled to ship this summer and is currently available for preorder.


Looking past this summer, chances are a lot next-generation activity bands and smart watches will provide similar functionality.  As wearable technology becomes more important in tracking our health in real time, UV exposure will become an important metric to monitor.