Your Own Shorts Clip Lumo Run Updated Work With Any Shorts Clips On

With the days getting longer most of the US is preparing to thaw out from the winter, which means it is time to get back outside and exercise. As we look forward to hitting the pavement during non freezing temperatures, the search starts for tools to help us perform better. We love ones that not only track our running, but also help us become better runners. Things such as stride length, cadence, vertical bounce, hip rotation, and ground contact time are so important to not only be an efficient runner but also to prevent injury. Working with a running coach is a great way to address these issues but time with a coach isn’t cheap and chances are they won’t be with you when your form completely falls apart as you struggle through mile 12.  

Since it was announced last year, we have been intrigued by the Lumo Run. It is one of the few wearables capable of tracking your running form without requiring an ankle bracelet or using special insoles. Lumo started off by crowdsourcing a device for improving posture and they have taken their learnings from that to create their new running wearable. Lumo Run is a small module placed on the waistband of a pair of shorts (or leggings) that tracks your running form while providing live audio feedback. The only rub has been that Lumo Run required a special pair of shorts or running pants made by Lumo. These running bottoms feature an integrated pockets for the tracker so that it is ideally positioned. If you are like us, you already have a favorite pair of running shorts and aren’t looking to change. Well, the company behind the tracker has listened and just announced a clip-on version of Lumo Run that attaches to any pair or shorts or leggings. As an added benefit, the standalone version is also cheaper; at full price it will save you between $50 and $70. If you have an interest in Lumo Run, the standalone version can be preordered for $79.99 and should ship late-spring / early-summer.