WiseWear Socialite Smart Bracelet Wearable Notifications Alarm Alert Safety

Walking alone at night is a stressful experience for a lot of women. The fear of an attack is real and rarely is there time to alert anyone if you need help. Some women carry around personal attack alarms or hold down the ‘dial’ button on their cell phone until they are safely home, but these solutions only work if you are anticipating something happening. WiseWear has developed a line a wearable smart bracelets, named Socialite, designed not only to help women track their activity and receive notifications but to also keep them safe. By simply tapping the device 3 times, a message is instantly sent to a preset list of contacts indicating you need help. The message also includes a map with your location marked. The bracelet can even trigger an audio recording of your surroundings. Looks wise, WiseWear has developed an extremely clever modular system so that it doesn’t look like you only own one bracelet. The brains of the wearable is in the bottom half of the bracelet. The top portion can be swapped out to create completely different looks. Currently the company has 3 designs which are all interchangeable and plans to release more in the future. You will just need to decide if you prefer all of your Socialite bracelets to be gold or silver. The Socialite costs $299.95, has a 3 day battery life, and is currently available for preorder in 3 styles. WiseWear has not yet posted pricing for additional modular styles. Head past the break to see all the looks.

WiseWear’s Socialite joins a very small group of wearables designed especially for women. Among the more notable devices in its ranks are Bellabeat’s Leaf and Ringly. Socialite is unique though in that its marquee feature is attempting to solve a problem specific to the female demographic. While it is far from cheap, this alone could help it find traction where other wearables have struggled.

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