Avegant Gylph Headphones Wearable Display

While headphones certainly aren’t high fashion, these days they are viewed by many to be a fashion accessory. With prices reaching past $500, it is easy to see why people take the design of their headphones seriously. Avegant is trying to help you get a bit more out of your headphones by integrating a wearable display into the band. Simply swing your the Avegant’s Glyph from the top of your head to in-front of your eyes and you are presented with a video headset. Probably not the best for walking down the street, but it could be just the thing if you commute via bus or train or fly a lot. The Kickstarter originated Glyph is expected to ship in Fall 2015. If you missed the Kickstarter, the device is available for preorder until Jan 15th for $499, after which it will jump to $599. Head past the break for the promotional video. No word on how the display will cope with stray hair gel.