Diane Von Furstenberg Google Glass

When you hear the name of iconic designer Diane Von Furstenberg chances are the first thing that comes to mind are wrap dresses, not technology.  Well, she is working to change that.  During Spring Fashion Week last year in New York, Ms. Furstenberg had her models walk with the devices, participated in a Glass filmed video offering a first hand glimpse of NYFW (see after break), and provided narration for it.  Now her relationship with Google is about to translate to a wearable item.

In 3 days, DVF will be the first designer variation of Google Glass.  On June 23, 5 new DVF frames and 8 new shades will go on sale.  With the standard Explorer model of Glass costing $1500, the DVF models will cost a princely sum of $1620 to $1725.  The eyewear will be available through Google’s site and, only naturally, Net-a-Porter.  Not sure the designer name will help make Glass more socially acceptable.