Fossil Q Wearables Smartwatch

Over a year after they were originally teased, Fossil is getting ready to release their first wearable devices. There are 4 connected products in total, which are all branded as Fossil Q. The flagship product is the Q Founder, a stylish, circular Android Wear smartwatch. It lists for $275 and will be available sometime before the Holidays. From a functionality standpoint, the Q Founder behaves much as you would expect an Android Wear device to. Fossil has also created a special app for the smartwatch to sync with. The app is used to track your fitness data, manage notifications, and encourage you to be “curious” by prompting you to try things outside of your daily routine. This app is also used to manage the other Q devices.

If a full-on smartwatch is overkill for you, Fossil’s Q Grant might be the perfect fit. While it looks like a normal Fossil Watch, beneath the watch face of the Q Grant are fitness tracking capabilities, a vibration motor, and a multicolor notification LED. Similar to products such as Ringly, the notifications can be fully customized so you easily know what (or who) is trying your get your attention. Rounding out the Fossil Q product line are two fitness tracking bands with notification LEDs and vibration: the Q Reveler and the Q Dreamer. The latter of these features a striking leather band that can be traded out for a silicone one if you are hitting the gym. When they launch on October 25th, the Q Grant will sell for $175 – $195 while the Q Reveler and Q Dreamer will list for $125. All devices, including the Q Founder smartwatch, are powered by Intel hardware and are compatible with iOS and Android devices.

It is unfortunate that it took so long for Fossil to launch their line of wearable devices. Given the delay, we would have loved to see an element which was unique or really stood out. Sadly, we are left with devices that, feature-wise, are tough to differentiate from the rest of the market. Stylistically, Fossil did a great job creating a line of devices that clearly share the company’s DNA. While 3 out of the 4 wearables are more male-oriented, they all look great, but not striking. With so many of the newer smartwatches coming listing for over $300, the Q Founder is well priced to find an audience during the Holidays. The casual style of the other fitness trackers will also help them win over customers.