Google Glass New Enterprise Work Version

If after our report of a new FCC filing you had gotten your hopes up regarding an imminent release of the new Google Glass, you should have a seat. Turns out there is a new version of Google Glass being released this fall but it is only for Google’s enterprise partners’ development teams. The new version is not the reimagining of the product fans had been hoping for, but instead a refinement for people who depend on the device for their work. According to the WSJ’s sources, the completely redesigned consumer version is still a ways off – at least a year. In the meantime, let’s check out what the new enterprise version features. Google apparently has made the device more durable and more water resistant so that it holds up better to the abuses of a work environment. In addition to a faster processor, Google Glass has added better wireless connectivity and longer lasting, replaceable battery packs. Apparently the display now can be adjusted left and right or up and down and the device is hinged so that it can be folded like a pair of standard glasses. The new enterprise version of Google Glass is expected to ship this fall to partners and is reported to cost well below the Explorer’s previous $1,500 price point, which is a fantastic bellwether for the pricing of the forthcoming consumer version!