LikeAGlove Measures Your Body

Yesterday at DEMO Fall 2014, startup LikeAGlove introduced a new concept in smart clothing. The garments are designed to generate your measurements while the app locates clothes that will fit you perfectly. LikeAGlove produces fitted, stretchy spandex clothing that that has conductive fibers woven into the material. These fibers connect to a small wireless controller on the garment that deciphers yours measurements and transmits them to your mobile device. The whole process apparently takes only a few seconds. LikeAGlove is currently planning on producing a long camisole, socks, shirt, and leggings (used for pants). Designed to make online shopping easier and less frustrating, the company has already created a database of top brands and their sizing specs. Simply wear the fiber-embedded garment for a few second, save your measurements, and utilize the app’s search engine to find clothes in sizes that correctly fit you. LikeAGlove describes the product as “very affordable” and ready to be produced in large quantities. Currently the company is deciding whether to sell directly to the consumer or utilize a strategic manufacturing and retail partner. Head past the break for a video: