This week, Hexoskin announced the availability of their “smart shirt.” Originally funded on crowd-funding website Indiegogo, the $400 device is capable of providing information about heart-rate, breathing, activity, and sleeping. The Hexoskin shirt joins what is quickly becoming a crowded market segment, with products from Ralph Lauren and OMsignal. It appears that Hexoskin is trying to separate itself from the competition though with a more professional tool set. The iOS and Android app are able to track multiple shirts at once and the device is able to calculate things such as VO2max (generally regarded as a key base fitness measurement) and provide live raw data (which allows you to do such things as view your ECG on your phone). As with other “smart shirts”, the Hexoskin depends on a tight fit to get accurate measurements, so think carefully about your purchase if you don’t like to show off your body.