Hexoskin JuniorFor the obsessive parent, or overachieving youth, Hexoskin has announced the launch of a junior sized version of their activity monitoring shirt. If you have a child that demands to know what their VO2 Max is, then this is the device for you (look how happy the kid in the press photo looks). Just like the adult version, the Hexoskin Junior monitors heart rate variability, heart rate recovery, breathing volume, and breathing rate in addition to steps, calories, and sleep. The shirt has wires integrated into the fabric that monitor your vital information and relay it to a small box on the shirt. The box can either store the information for later or stream it via Bluetooth 4.0 to your mobile device. Hexoskin Junior is on sale. You can purchase it as a starter kit for $379 that includes everything you need or if you already have a Hexoskin “box” you can purchase the shirt for $149.