Sensoria Smart Socks

We have smart-shirts, smart-glasses, smart-earbuds, and smartwatches, so why not smart-socks. Originally an Indiegogo campaign, Sensoria’s smart-socks are designed to not only track pace, distance, and calories when you run but also your cadence, how your foot strikes the ground, and how long it is in contact with the ground. According to Sensoria, this type of monitoring helps protect runners shins, knees, and feet. The companion app uses your phone’s GPS to follow your run while tracking the information from the socks. A “virtual coach” provides audio feedback about your running style as you push through the miles to help keep your body safe from injury. The socks have an odd looking interface near the cuff that allows a small, flexible bluetooth transmitter with integrated accelerometer to be magnetically attached. This >1oz device pairs with the companion app (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) to provide realtime information. The starter pack, which includes one pair of socks and one pair of transmitters, costs $199. Each sock is rated for 60 washes and can be purchased as a set of 2 for $49. Head past the break for a video: