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Met Ball 2016 Gowns Favor Manus Over Machina – Why?

Claire Danes Zac Posen Gown LED Met Ball Gala 2016 Fashion Tech Manus x Machina

Last night the place to be seen was on the red carpet for the annual Met Gala. The Costume Institute event was themed around the dichotomy between traditional handmade haute couture and technology’s growing involvement in fashion and its creation. With Apple sponsoring the accompanying the exhibit and Jony Ive serving as a co-chair of the Gala, the stage was set for last night to be the coming out party for wearable technology. But was it?

Over the past year we have seen amazing integration of technology into statement-worthy clothing. From Rebecca Street’s motion sensitive LED gown, to Chromat’s temperature reacting sports bra, to Zac Posen’s LED dress coded by high school students, we were expecting to see designers embrace this year’s Met Ball as a chance to explore what was possible with wearable tech. Unfortunately the theme seemed to confuse most of the evening’s guests; the majority seemed to opt-out, wearing gowns and tuxedos they would chosen if there had not been a theme. A select few of the attendees had fun with the theme, wearing clothing that was a vintage interpretation of what tomorrow would hold for fashion or looking for inspiration from clothing created from what were once cutting edge machines, such as looms. But wearing a gown that is silver or metallic doesn’t equate to “machine.”  With the theme being “Man versus Machine,” man clearly won the night.  

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Year In Review

Year In Review: Editor’s Picks – Biggest News Of 2015

2015 Year In Review Wrap Up_Editors Picks Top Stories Wearables Fashion Tech Environment

From smartwatches, to connected dressing rooms, to recycled clothing, 2015 was an incredible year for fashion and technology. We saw advances to help us be better global citizens, encourage kids to be smarter, and keep us connected at all times. While 2016 promises to be the year that fashion tech and wearables begin to find their audience, 2015 laid the groundwork!

Head past the break as we take a look at the stories we believe shaped the industry in 2015 and that will define where the integration of fashion and technology is headed.  

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Zac Posen NYFW LED Dress Made With Code

Zac Posen Shows LED Dress Coded By Teen Girls At NYFW

Zac Posen NYFW LED Dress Made With Code

One of the biggest hits at designer Zac Posen’s New York Fashion Week showcase this week was an LED dress. The dress, beautiful in its own right, was made even more striking because of the people behind it; a team of teenage girls coded the dress’s amazing LED display. Through a partnership with Google’s Made With Code initiative, mentor and fashion engineer Maddy Maxey reached out to NYC’s Flatiron School, Black Girls Code organization, and Lower East Side Girls Club. The girls were presented with a drag-and-drop coding interface and were given a day to design LED animations, but it was not until later that they were told what it was for. Fifty of the girls involved were even in attendance at Zac Posen’s show.

We have talked about it before, but getting women of all ages more involved in STEM is vital. According to Made With Code less than 1% of women study computer science. This is horribly disproportionate and worrisome, especially for a field which is having more and more of an impact on our culture. Made With Code attempts to make coding more accessible to girls through gamification and educating them about real-world applications of computer science skills. If you want to tryout the interface the girls used to code the dress, Made With Code has posted it on their website. Head past the break to check out the LED dress (worn by model model Coco Rocha).  

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