How Well Do You Know The Environmental Impact Of Fashion?

Fashion & The Environment

A sobering story published on the official EU website positions the fashion industry as one of the top polluters in the world. According to a Danish Fashion Institute study, 25% of the world’s chemicals are produced for textiles. In fact, the fashion industry is the 2nd highest polluter of clean water, only behind agriculture, and the 2nd most polluting industry overall, second only to oil. These are staggering numbers.

It is not surprising that the agriculture and oil industries have significant environmental impact, but we did not expect fashion to be immediately behind them. Part of the reason for being surprised by this is the opaqueness of the fashion business. As a consumer we have very little understanding about any aspect of our clothing; even if you were to seek out the information you would likely run into lots of dead ends. By and large, the industry does not  

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