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iPhone Turns 10: Paved Road For Wearable Technology

iPhone 10 ten years wearable tech technology impact smartphone

There has been a lot of press today about the iPhone turning 10 years old. On this day in 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone. For anyone that watched the unveiling, it was obvious that the device was going to be revolutionary. While a “smartphone” wasn’t exactly a new idea, no one had approached it with the same singular vision Apple did. Apple introduced a device that was closer to a pocket sized computer than a phone and, without being hindered by carrier demands, they were able to lay the ground work for something that would grow into a true platform. But no one could have guessed just how much it was going to change our world. Smartphones have become so ubiquitous and engrained in modern culture it is difficult to believe its modern incarnation is only a decade old (do you remember how primitive your cell phone from 10 years ago was?). Even more amazing to think about is all of the technologies, conveniences, and industries that might not exist without the iPhone, including wearable tech!

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