Back To School Top 5 Wearables Every Budget
Back To School

5 Back To School Wearables No Matter Your Budget

Back To School 5 Must Have Wearables

It is that time of year again. Summer jobs and summer loves are in the rear view mirror soon to be replaced with study groups and daydreams of that cute girl in your psych class. Whether you are trekking across town or across country, as you load up your car it is not too late to jump online and pickup one of these pieces of wearable tech. We are taking a look at 5 must have devices for every budget. As you head back to school these are 5 items that should help keep you organized, motivated, and connected!  

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Business Insider Finds Ringly Doesn’t Live Up To Hype


Business Insider recently got their hands on a Ringly and have just posted a review. Originally announced in 2013, Ringly was one of the first wearable devices to specifically target women. The device features your choice of one of 5 precious and semi-precious stones set in an 18K matte gold setting. Depending on what type of notification you receive and whom it is from, you can set the ring to vibrate in one of 4 patterns and a small LED on the side to illuminate in one of 5 colors.

Browsing the Business Insider review, the first thing that jumps out at you is that the device does not look like a $260 ring. The matte gold makes the setting look like cheap plastic and the thing is huge. According to the site, Ringly is around 3/4″ tall – a far cry from the discreet device that was originally spoken about by the company. In practice, the notifications are reported as being useful but since most of them came from users that you haven’t assigned specific notifications for, you are constantly pulling your phone out to see who was trying to communicate with you. To that end, when out to dinner, the reviewer found the ring more distracting than setting your phone out. Business Insider ultimately concluded that dollar for dollar, they would rather pay more and purchase an Apple Watch. Please check out their full review!

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Gift Guide 2014 Wearable Devices
Gift Guide

Gift Guide 2014: Wearable Devices

Gift Guide 2014 Wearable DevicesIs the person on your gift list not very tech oriented but always missing their phone ringing or the important text (or Snapchat) that you send them? Maybe they need something that discreetly hides just enough technology to keep them better connected. Do you know someone who isn’t afraid of tech but is looking for something that is functionally very targeted. Perhaps they need a device that serves a very focused purpose.

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