Motiv Smart Ring Connected Fitness Tracker Activity
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Motiv Brings Fitness Tracking Rings To The Next Level

Motiv Smart Ring Connected Fitness Tracker Activity

Connected rings feel like one of the biggest pipe dreams in wearable technology. We have seen numerous companies promise (and mostly fail) to deliver incredible devices, loaded with everything from a bevy of sensors to a color screen. The problem is the shape is very difficult to work with and there is practically no space since a ring can only be so thick. To date the only company to sort of figure it out is Ringly. Ringly’s solution was to house all of the electronics where the stone is mounted. Using this approach they were able to build a not-too-bulky connected ring capable of notifications and basic activity tracking. The Ringly is impressive for what the company accomplished with such a small size. The problem is that by tucking the electronics under a mounted semiprecious stone the ring is not cheap ($195 to $265) and is only designed for women. Announced at CES, Motiv is a new connected ring hoping to appeal to the masses.  

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Omate Teams Up With Ungaro For Luxury Connected Ring

Omate Ungaro Smart Ring

Last Fall we took a look at a smartwatch designed for women by Omate. The company is back, this time with a high-end connected ring. Recently Apple has seen tremendous success with their higher-end watches, Olio can’t seem to produce enough, and TAG Heuer has indicated their smartwatch with cost close to $1,400; luxury wearables are starting to find an audience and Omate has decided it doesn’t want to be left out. The company is working with French design house Emanuel Ungaro to launch the aptly named Ungaro ring.

The ring costs between $500 and $2,000 depending on your choice of materials; you can choose from onyx, ruby, blue topaz, or opalite stones mounted to a 18K gold or silver plated ring. As far as features, well, there aren’t many. In fact the only thing the Bluetooth connected ring does is vibrate when you receive a notification from one person of your choosing (and only that person). No other notifications will cause the ring to vibrate. Omate’s Ungaro ring has one large competitor in the “connected ring” market, Ringly. Despite some initial mixed reviews, Ringly offers a much larger feature set, including a colored LED, at a much lower price point, $195 to $260. The Ungaro ring launches for iOS this November and in early 2016 for Android. As with other Omate products, the ring will be sold through Richline Group retail partners.

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