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Adidas Parley Gillnet Oncean Plastic Sneaker UN Contest Instagram Ultra Boost
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Adidas x Parley Gillnet Sneaker Getting a Limited Edition Launch

Adidas Parley Gillnet Oncean Plastic Sneaker UN Contest Instagram Ultra Boost

Last July we reported on a new Adidas sneaker created with the help of Parley For The Oceans. The footwear featured an upper made entirely from recycled ocean plastic. The idea was to find a second life for the trash polluting the world’s oceans. Perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of the shoe though was the distinctive green trim. The trim utilized strands from illegal deep-sea gillnets – well actually, more specifically, from 45 miles of netting which was seized by the nonprofit Sea Shepherd. We reported on the NYTimes’ incredible profile of Sea Shepherd’s 110 day chase last year (if you haven’t read it, please do!). Last summer Adidas stated that they wanted to turn the shoe into a real product eventually. It appears the footwear maker is a step closer to that, they have announced the launch of 50 pairs of the Adidas x Parley.  

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Year In Review

Year In Review: Editor’s Picks – Biggest News Of 2015

2015 Year In Review Wrap Up_Editors Picks Top Stories Wearables Fashion Tech Environment

From smartwatches, to connected dressing rooms, to recycled clothing, 2015 was an incredible year for fashion and technology. We saw advances to help us be better global citizens, encourage kids to be smarter, and keep us connected at all times. While 2016 promises to be the year that fashion tech and wearables begin to find their audience, 2015 laid the groundwork!

Head past the break as we take a look at the stories we believe shaped the industry in 2015 and that will define where the integration of fashion and technology is headed.  

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Adidas Parley For The Oceans 3D Printed Sneaker Ocean Plastic Gillnet
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3D Printed Adidas Sneaker Made From Even More Ocean Trash

Adidas Parley For The Oceans 3D Printed Sneaker Ocean Plastic Gillnet

While there have been some amazing advancements with technology and sneakers this year, we think that Adidas’ partnership with Parley For The Oceans is one of the most exciting! Earlier this year the companies unveiled the Adidas x Parley sneaker in front of the U.N. General Assembly. The entire upper of the sneaker was constructed of recycled ocean plastic and seized deep-sea gillnets (if you haven’t read the story of how Parley obtained the 45 miles of gillnet for the prototype, it is incredible). While the sneaker shown was only a prototype, Adidas announced that they were working with Parley to make the Adidas x Parley a consumer product. The idea was great, with every sneaker purchased you helped the oceans to be cleaner.

But Adidas and Parley For The Oceans clearly thought they could do better. The two companies used the COP21 conference to unveiled the next step in their eco-friendly sneakers. The new sneakers continue to feature an upper constructed from recycled ocean plastic but have added a new midsole. Adidas and Parley designed a 3D printed midsole that consists of recycled polyester and gillnets. The result is a sneaker that is almost entirely made from ocean waste. While there is no timeline to bring the sneakers to market, Adidas and Parley continue to state that is the ultimate plan.  

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The Incredible Chase Behind Adidas’ Gillnet Sneakers

Sea Shepherd Thunder Adidas Parley For The Oceans

Yes, we are a fashion and technology blog, but every now and then we come across a story that cannot be missed. Recently we told you about the impressive Adidas sneakers made from ocean plastics and gillnets used for illegal fishing. The sneakers were created through a partnership with Parley For The Oceans. Well it turns out Parley For The Oceans has a few partnerships of their own including one with Sea Shepherd. As governments do less and less to go after the people harming our oceans, the Sea Shepherd organization uses private money to bring them to justice, focusing on the worst offenders.

Two of Sea Shepherd’s ships were responsible for the 110 day, 10,000 nautical mile chase that produced the approximately 75km of gillnets in-part used in the Adidas sneaker. They were in pursuit of the Thunder, the most egregious out of the five most notorious illegal fishing boats in the world. Despite being banned since 2006 from deep sea fishing in regions of the globe, the Thunder has sold an estimated $76 million in illegally caught fish over the past decade. Parley, for its part, is working to find new uses for materials such as the gillnets so that there is more money to be made selling them to be repurposed than on the black market, where the nets will inevitably end up being used again.

Please do yourself a favor and read The New York Times’ account of the incredible pursuit that helped lead to the creation of the Adidas x Parley sneaker.

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Adidas Creates First Sneaker Made From Ocean Garbage

Adidas Parley Prototype Sneaker U.N.

Back April Adidas announced it had teamed up with Parley For The Oceans to investigate creating sneakers from recycled trash. The goal was to demonstrate that ocean debris could be transformed into a valuable material for the fashion industry. The collaboration showed off their first prototype, the Adidas x Parley sneaker, earlier this month at the U.N. General Assembly. The entire upper of the shoe is created from items found in the ocean. The shoe is constructed from ocean plastics and illegal deep-sea gillnets. In fact, when gathering materials, Parley For The Oceans spent 110 days tracking an illegal fishing vessel off of the coast of West Africa and recovered nearly 45 miles of netting. As for ocean plastic, a 2006 U.N. study estimated that there are 46,000 pieces of floating plastic for every square mile of ocean.

While the current shoe is only a prototype, it demonstrates the value that can be realized from items currently damaging our oceans. If you have your heart set on owning a piece of recycled-based footwear, hang tight; Adidas has announced that, through its partnership with Parley, it is committed to releasing a line of consumer-ready products made from ocean plastics before the end of the year. Head past the break for video of the U.N. event.  

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