OMsignal Hexoskin Smart Software Update Indiegogo OMrun OMbra Strava Nike Plus Runkeeper MapMyRuns
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Both OMsignal and Hexoskin Expand Smartshirt’s Software Offerings

OMsignal Hexoskin Smart Software Update Indiegogo OMrun OMbra Strava Nike Plus Runkeeper MapMyRuns

We are well past a year since the launch of both Hexoskin’s and OMsignal’s smartshirts. These compression shirts (and now sports bra) monitor everything from breathing, to heart rate, to movement. They present the information as raw data and as a summary of fitness levels. At CES this year, both companies took advantage of the venue to announce expanded software offerings. OMsignal introduced the new OMrun platform – a very logic next step for the company, especially with the launch of the OMbra. OMrun looks to offer a suite of data that is especially tailored to helping runners understand an improve their performance. Among the new metrics are cadence, distance, Running Economy (how much O2 you need to travel a distance), and Breathing Rhythm (the number of footsteps per breath in or out). Along with the new focus on running, OMsignal has added new services to connect with, including Runkeeper, Strava, and Nike+. OMrun will launch this spring.  

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OMsignal OMbra smart sports bra shirt women wearable fitnesstech
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OMsignal Announces Smart Biometric Sports Bra

OMsignal OMbra smart sports bra shirt women wearable fitnesstech

OMsignal has been promising a solution for women looking to use the company’s smart shirt. The problem has been that the sensors integrated into the OMsignal smart shirt are only designed to work when properly fitted to a man’s body. Instead of introducing a new version of the shirt for women, the company has done one better and has managed to integrate the same technology into a sports bra, the OMbra. This results in a product that is seemingly superior to the men’s shirt; most guys probably do not wear a compression shirt, but women are more than likely donning a sports bra when they exercise. Despite the reduced size versus the shirt, no features were shed. The OMbra records heart rate information, breathing data, and activity metrics to a small black box attached to the garment. The black box can then either wirelessly transmits the data to your phone in real time or store it for retrieval later. The OMbra will ship this spring alongside a new app called OMrun. The new app offers information catered to runners including running economy and breathing rhythm.  

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Ralph Lauren Announces Availability & Pricing Of Polo Tech Shirt

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt

At a media event in NYC today, Ralph Lauren finally released more information about their connected Polo Tech shirt. You would be forgiven if you had forgotten about the shirt though; little has been said about it since an initial announcement by the company almost a year ago. But it seems the device is finally ready for the public. Created through a partnership with OMsignal, the activity tracking shirt will launch on August 27th for $295. The lengthly delay between announcement and launch was surprising given that the shirt appears to be nearly identical to OMsignal’s shirt. It seems as though the hold up might have been with software. Ralph Lauren’s shirt utilizes its own mobile app, which is completely unique from the OMsignal software. The company sought to offer a mobile experience that not only tracks your biometrics but also provides guided workouts that adjust in real time to those readings.

According to Ralph Lauren, this is just the first product in a line of connected clothing. Next up, a version of the Polo Tech shirt for women (not surprising given that OMsignal is also expected to release a women’s version soon). David Lauren, the company’s EVP of global advertising, marketing, and corporate communication, also mentioned that a connected polo shirt and even a suit were possibilities in the future.

In case you need a refresher, the Polo Tech shirt is a compression T-shirt embedded with sensors. Those sensors are able to detect everything ranging from basic activity tracking information, such as steps taken, to detailed biometrics, such as breathing depth and how hard you are pushing yourself. The information is gathered via a small black box attached to the shirt and fed to your phone via Bluetooth.

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Gift Guide 2014 Wearable Devices
Gift Guide

Gift Guide 2014: Wearable Devices

Gift Guide 2014 Wearable DevicesIs the person on your gift list not very tech oriented but always missing their phone ringing or the important text (or Snapchat) that you send them? Maybe they need something that discreetly hides just enough technology to keep them better connected. Do you know someone who isn’t afraid of tech but is looking for something that is functionally very targeted. Perhaps they need a device that serves a very focused purpose.

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Ralph Lauren Announces Polo Tech Smart Clothing (UPDATED)

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Smart Shirt

UPDATE: The official website is now live, including a 2015 release window and a sign-up to be notified of updates.

Today Ralph Lauren has announced the launch of a new brand, Polo Tech.  Polo Tech represents the fashion mainstay’s first foray into smart clothing. The black T-shirt has silver threads woven into the fabric. These threads track and then transmit biometric data to a small black box on the shirt that also captures movement information. The black box then stores the data until the user syncs it to the accompanying app. If all of this sounds awfully familiar, it is because this is basically a rebranding of OMsignal’s shirt, which we covered earlier this year. The company has partnered with OMsignal to deliver the technology portion of the clothing. Ralph Lauren promises to expand the Polo Tech line over the coming months, suggesting that a dress shirt is also in the works. Hopefully it will not be as skin tight. While there has been no pricing announced yet, you can see the shirt in action starting this week.  

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OMsignal Launches Shirt With Integrated Biometric Sensor

OMsignal shirt and sensor

OMsignal has started taking preorders for its compression shirt with integrated biometric sensors.  Taking a departure from the standard “strapped-across-your-chest” athletic heart rate monitor, these sensors are built directly into the shirt.  The shirt is able to monitor your heart rate and breathing and then transfer that information to a small power/data module that attaches to the shirt.  This module stores your vitals and if you are near your “i”-device they are also sent in realtime via bluetooth (Android support is planned, likely waiting for better Bluetooth LE integration).  

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