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LVMH Eyeing Hublot As Next Brand To Introduce Smartwatch

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By a lot of accounts TAG Heuer didn’t exactly knock it out of the park with their Carrera Connected smartwatch. While a decent device with a well made casing, the Connected was essentially a $250 Android Wear watch in a very fancy package. The $1500 device is less well equipped than most smartwatches, lacking a heart rate monitor and using a surprisingly low resolution screen, especially for its size. One review compared the 240 ppi display to “the pixelated experience of 1980s Tetris.” For all intents and purposes, the Connected is a Franken-watch; it is a not-fully-gelled mashup between the high-end Swiss made TAG Heuer, mass produced Chinese made electronics, and the one-size-fits-all Android Wear OS. To be truly on brand, TAG Heuer should have created their own smartwatch instead of simply repackaging existing technology and software. Thus, to us the Connected reads as more of an experiment than a true smartwatch entry. Unsurprisingly, other Swiss timepiece makers, such as Patek Philippe’s Chairman Thierry Stern, have been quick to criticize TAG Heuer for going after the quick buck and eroding the “Swiss Made” reputation. Despite all of this, TAG Heuer’ Jean-Claude Biver contends that the Connected is selling so well that the company cannot keep up with demand. Not being die hard watch people, maybe there is a special sauce that we don’t understand about TAG Heuer or maybe the feel of the Swiss made watch case makes that much of difference or perhaps buyers are blindly purchasing due to the name or simply not comparison shopping.  

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TAG Heuer Smartwatch

TAG Heuer Announces Plans For Smartwatch

TAG Heuer SmartwatchSeems that luxury watch maker TAG Heuer has had a change of heart. Back in September, when Apple unveiled their Apple Watch, TAG Heuer’s interim CEO (and head of LVMH’s watch division), Jean-Claude Biver, was one of the first detractors of the device. Biver was not a fan of Apple’s design but, more importantly, not a fan of smartwatches. At the time Biver said that smartwatches will soon be outdated while “luxury always has something timeless.” What a difference a few months make. Biver has now changed his mind and sees value in TAG Heuer developing a smartwatch. Likely the company is starting to sense consumer demand for the devices and does not want to risk being left behind if the product category finds success. The watch industry already took a huge hit from smartphones and smartwatches could be the final nail in the coffin for a company not able to adapt. Biver says TAG Heuer started exploring the concept 4 months ago and has already formed partnerships with Intel and Google. They do not want to release anything unless it feels “first, different, and unique.” The device is expected to utilize traditional watch mechanics in addition to a bevy of sensors. TAG Heuer’s smartwatch is unlikely to launch before late 2015.

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