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Adidas ZONE Fitness Tracker Designed For Your Kid’s PE Class

Adidas Interactive Health Technologies IHT Zone Heart Rate Monitor School PE Spirit Challenge

With childhood obesity becoming a major issue, Adidas has been working to ensure that kids are motivated to be healthy and fit. Last year the company launched The Spirit Challenge in partnership with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT) to encourage K-12 students to be more active. The challenge was designed to provide motivation, with schools competing against each other for prizes, and to foster awareness. The Spirit Heart Rate Monitor used for the challenge was a simple, screen-less device that provided auditory feedback as students moved between 3 different heart rate zones. The 5 year old device provided no visual feedback to help kids discern with a glance how they were doing. Recognizing that 5 years in wearable technology represents an incredible technological shift, Adidas has announced a new wearable compatible with the IHT system and software.  

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