Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Wearable Tech Track Field Phelps Jacket Cycling Rowing Crew Visa
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Wearable Tech Found At The Rio Summer Olympics

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics Wearable Tech Track Field Phelps Jacket Cycling Rowing Crew Visa

In less than 2 days the first medals will be handed out at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. In the 4 years since London’s 2012 Games, wearable technology has emerged as a vital aspect of sports. From training to game day, technology is helping athletes realize their peak potential and even provide a competitive edge. The wearable tech being used isn’t just smart watches and connected devices. It also includes cutting edge fabrics and 3D printed accessories. Head past the break to find some of the technologies being used at this summer’s Olympics.  

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Light Up Bike Helmet Has Automatic Brake Lights

Lumps Light Up Helmet Brake Light

File this under “can’t believe this didn’t exist yet.” The incredibly clever Lumos bicycle helmet is covered with over 60 integrated LEDs. Several of these LEDs on the front and back of the helmet constantly blink to alert drivers of your presence. While this is nothing new, the magic happens when you brake: an accelerometer in the helmet senses the deceleration and turns on a brake light across the rear of the helmet. When you are done slowing down, the brake light turns off. Lumos is also equipped with turn signal lights. A small wireless toggle attaches to your bike’s handle bars. Simply hold left or right on the toggle and the appropriate turn signal lights up. Most importantly the helmet meets safety standards and impact tests (US: CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203, Europe: EN1078).

Lumos is being sold via Kickstarter (so the usually warnings apply) for $99 and is scheduled to ship in May of 2016. While not as gee-wizzy as some other bike lights, such as Revolights, Lumos is half the price and the inclusion of brake light and turn signals could be lifesaving. Would love to see the turn signal be more portable so it could be used with bike sharing services. Head past the break for a video describing the product:  

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