Nike Mag self adaptive lacing 2016 raffle back future

Today is your last day to enter for a chance to own Nike’s self lacing Mag sneakers. Based on the iconic shoes from Back To The Future 2, Nike last week announced the availability of the footwear. Like the 2011 release of the non-self-lacing version, the shoe is extremely limited in quantity; only 89 pairs are being made available. Last year, when the shoes were originally announced, it was stated they would be released via auction in Spring 2016. Nike not only missed their Spring release date, but the shoes also aren’t available via auction. For most of us though, that isn’t necessarily bad news. Unless you had a tremendous amount of money to drop on a pair of sneakers (which you more than likely would never risk wearing), there was no chance you would own a pair. At some point over the past 12 months Nike had a change of heart and instead decided to raffle the shoes off. Virtual raffle tickets can be purchased from $10 a piece from Nike and all proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Even if you don’t win, you are helping a fantastic nonprofit in their efforts to cure Parkinson’s. Today is the last day to enter to win an elusive Nike Mag; the drawing closes at 11:59pm ET. If you have been on the fence about entering or have been thinking about buying some additional tickets, to help encourage you the Michael J. Fox foundation will match dollar-to-dollar all donations today!  

We are guessing not everyone was excited by the switch to raffle format. Luck is now the largest factor to winning instead of deep pockets. But in case you had been saving up $15k to win a pair of the self lacing Nike Mags at auction (the average selling price of the 2011 version), there really is no need to be disappointed. Nike is auctioning 3 pairs of the sneakers in Hong Kong, London, and New York. The Hong Kong auction just finished with a winning bid of over $104,000 and the other cities are expected to bring in similar dollar values. If all 89 pairs were distributed through an open auction and bids were (conservatively) 1/3 the winning Hong Kong bid, only the very rich would have gotten a chance to own the Nike Mag. The raffle allows anyone with $10 an equal shot at owning one of the most iconic shoes ever produced.