Nike Air Mags Self Lacing Back To The Future 2 Power

UPDATE: Nike has posted about Michael J. Fox’s pair #1 of the new Nike Mags. The post also (sadly) confirms the sneakers will only be released via a limited auction, similar to the 2011 version. Hopefully it is easier to obtain than a Pepsi Perfect.

While it might be missing the October 21st, 2015, Back To The Future Day, Nike will debut sneakers with a self lacing mechanism in Spring 2016. In a video posted to the twitter feed, we see the Back To The Future star put on a pair of Air Mags with “power laces.” Much like in the movie, Marty Michael J. Fox is in shock as the sneakers tighten around his foot. We have to admit, there is something amazing, and slightly mind melting, about seeing him pull on the Air Mags just has he did on this day in the fictional 2015.

Currently little is known other than the tweet stating that it is real and coming next year. No word on if the self lacing technology will debut in a pair of Air Mags, but it would be a HUGE shame is it did not. “Spring 2016” cannot come soon enough! Oh, and Nike, please do all the fans a favor and not limit this to only a few hundred pair again.