nike mag self lacing sneaker release back to the future 2015 2016

While originally announced to be released this past Spring, all signs are pointing to the self lacing Nike Mag finally debuting tomorrow, October 4th. The sneakers were first teased almost a year ago, on Back To The Future Day, when Nike released a video of Michael J. Fox trying on a pair of the shoes. Today they were teased again, this time on the Nike SNKR app. Nearly identical to the futuristic footwear featured in the movie, the Mags have LED lighting and, most importantly, laces which automatically tighten around your foot. Nike has been working on the tech for some time and even plan to release a more commercial sneaker featuring the tech by the end of the year.  

If you grew up watching Back To The Future 2, chances are you would love to make space in your closet for your own pair of these iconic sneakers (we know we would!). Unfortunately, Nike plans to produce a very limited number of the shoes and will auction them off to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation. If this year’s release is anything like 2011’s, the Mags will be selling for ridiculous prices. In fact, given that sneaker collecting has gained tremendous momentum in the past few years and that these are much more desirable than the original version, we expect the prices to be significantly higher this go around. While it is an amazing thing to do for charity, it is unfortunately that only an elite few will ever have the opportunity to own a pair of Mags. Featuring all of the tech from the original sneaker, there is very little reason for Nike to ever revisit the Back To The Future Mag design; we would be surprised if there is ever a re-release of this sneaker.

All is not lost thought. As we have covered before, Nike is planning on releasing a more commercial sneaker also featuring LEDs and self lacing technology. These shoes, the HyperAdapt 1.0, will be available November 28th. We would still rather own the Mags!