LikeAGlove connected leggings jeans pants size fit recomendation denim review

Let me start this review of LikeAGlove by saying, I hate shopping for jeans!

Ask any woman and they will tell you how impossible it is to find a perfect pair of jeans. I would equate it to finding a needle in a haystack, but perhaps even more difficult. Between inconsistent sizing and cuts, few activities make you feel worse about your body. Over the years I have found myself, along with my friends, exploring the Barney’s denim bar and countless other stores on a mission to find the perfect pair.

This Fall I finally threw my arms up and gave up. I was looking for my first post-pregnancy pair of jeans while mentally struggling with the reality of my body shape and weight not being my ideal. I simply could not cope with one more thing making me feel worse about my body image. This led me to deciding to try a new wearable device called LikeAGlove.  

LikeAGlove is a pair of leggings that magically measures every part of your lower body and then wirelessly beams that information to an app that recommends jeans based off of your measurements.

The easiest way to describe LikeAGlove is that they are like a pair of leggings with a small module on the front, below your navel, which houses the processor and transmitter. There is nothing complicated about putting the device on; simply pull them on like a stretchy pair of Lululemon pants. Check that the inseams are straight and then press a button on the small integrated module. After pressing the button, the device scans 4 different measurements and wirelessly transmits via Bluetooth that information to an app. The app then displays all of the measurements and creates a virtual image of your body shape.

Using your measurements and data you entered when initially launching the app (height, style preference, and fit preference), the app then takes you to a screen that matches you with the perfect pair of denim. Currently about 18 brands are represented in the app, everything from Old Navy to Citizens Of Humanity. Results are rated by 1 to 5 stars based on the quality of the fit. Once you find a pair of demin you like, you can press a button to jump directly to that style’s product page on the brand’s website.

LikeAGlove Bluetooth module closeup connected leggings jeans pants size fit recomendation denim reviewThe process sounds simple but the algorithm is downright genius. Within seconds of pulling on the LikeAGlove leggings you are presented with supposedly perfect fitting jeans. How does it get better than that?

But, the real question is does it work?

Actually amazingly well. After taking my measurements, I was presented with several pages worth of jeans and the sizes that would fit me. Out of all of these jeans, only one had a 5-star fit match. Levi’s 711 Skinny Jeans. I hadn’t even thought about Levi’s for years, let alone tried on a pair. They were not on my radar and I certainly never would have thought to try on a pair.

Having blind trust that the LikeAGlove leggings knew better than me (after all it was comparing my frustrating curves with the exact measurements of the jeans), I ordered 2 pairs of the 711’s sight unseen. A week later perhaps the best fitting pair of jeans I have ever pulled on arrived at my door. Not only did they fit well, they were also flattering. Beyond being exciting, it helped me feel better about myself – like me again. I was finally able to pack up the maternity jeans I had stubbornly hung onto and wear denim that made me feel like me.

Since then, I have had several close friends try LikeAGlove. They were extremely excited to see perfectly matched jeans pop up on their screen and are currently waiting for them to arrive.

From a tech perspective, there isn’t much you need to know. The companion app for the pants is available for both iOS and Android. Bluetooth is required for the pants to connect to the app. The leggings should not be washed and the battery is designed to last the lifetime of the leggings. LikeAGlove is only available in one size, designed to fit women from size 0 to size 20. Oh, and they currently are only for women.

LikeAGlove is a vastly better product than their shallow web presence would lead you to believe. This is a product that deserves vastly more attention and media than they have received. From my experience, every woman, or a least every group of friends, should own LikeAGlove. These connected leggings do exactly what they promise and the results will make you feel great.

Actually, there is only one bad thing I can say about LikeAGlove, they are expensive. For something that you might use 2 or 3 times a year, the $79.99 price is a bit daunting. It is unfortunate that they didn’t partner with denim makers to offer the connected leggings at a subsidized price. After all, I never would have purchased a pair of Levi’s if the app hadn’t recommended them. LikeAGlove should receive the benefit of that. Perhaps initially LikeAGlove would have only been able to align with a few denim makers which would have vastly reduced the fit catalog and the only way around that was to go out on their own. Hopefully they are able to prove to a large swath of companies that there is value in the leggings and at some point are able to offer them at a subsidized price.

Another path forward for LikeAGlove could be to partner with retailers. I think this could be an interesting sales tool for department stores carrying multiple brands. This could be done by offering retailers a special version of the app that will only display brands they sell. The potential is exciting; LikeAGlove has the potential to completely change the retail market for denim.

Pricing aside, I cannot offer a strong enough recommendation for LikeAGlove. Not only do they work exactly as promised, they made me feel better about myself. How can you beat that!