MemoMi Memory Mirror Neiman Marcus

While we continue to sort through all the relevant news surrounding CES, it is nice to take a break from all the “smart-this” and “smart-that” news regarding things that strap to our body. Neiman Marcus has announced they they are rolling out a first-of-its-kind digital mirror to many of its retail locations over 2015. Already in place at the Walnut Creek, CA location, the MemoMi developed Memory Mirror uses a camera to record you in various outfits. This allows you to playback what it looks like from all angles, compare outfits side-by-side, and share the images / videos with friends. You are also able to view your modeling session via the Neiman Marcus app. One of the more impressive feature of the Memory Mirror is that it is able to change the color of the dress you are trying on with a wave of your hand. So if they are out of stock of the dress in the color you wanted, you can try it on in any color and the mirror will display what the color you want will look like. Neiman Marcus is wisely shy about installing a camera laden mirror in the dressing room areas, so the Memory Mirror can be found on the sales floor. The company has said it is looking into developing a camera-less version that would essentially operate as a monitor. Head past the break to see it in action: