Macy's Visual SearchMacy’s has partnered with Cortexica to launch visual search within the Macy’s mobile app. Think of it as Shazam for clothing. Simply take a photo of an outfit, shoes, handbag, accessory, or even a pattern and Macy’s will display similar items that you can buy. The technology, designed by Cortexica, is integrated into the existing search function in Macy’s app. Simply press the camera icon instead of entering text. The results are presented fairly quickly and seem to accurately reflect the feel of the clothing we tried to match. I see two uses for this app. The first is to try to find exact items that Macy’s sells. The second is to find items and styles similar to those seen in magazines, on runways, or at more expensive stores. From quickly adopting new technologies, such as Apple Pay and iBeacon, to improved services, such as same day delivery, to dramatic renovations at their flagship store, visual search falls in line with the significant strides Macy’s has been taking to improve the customer experience.  Head past the break to see our experience searching for something similar to AQ/AQ’s polyester dress in kaleidoscopic print.  

Macy's Visual Search Test