Like A Glove Leggings LikeAGlove

The current state of online clothes shopping is frustrating. With all the slight variations of fit and shaping, it necessitates you to order at least 2 sizes and hope that maybe one of them might work. Last year we reported on a startup, named LikeAGlove, developing smart garments that could take your measurements and relay the information to an app, which in turn would find you perfect fitting clothes. The company had even already developed a database of clothing for different fits. Well, it seem LikeAGlove is now ready to ship their first product – smart leggings. Simply wear the leggings while standing still for a few seconds and the garment measures your waist, thighs, high and low hips, and inseam. The information is communicated instantly to a companion app, which then displays a selection of jeans that will best fit your body type. As you select a pair of jeans, the app will also display how well it matches your various measurements. The leggings are available now for preorder and cost $40 (reduced from the regular price of <gasp> $100); they will ship Q1 2016.

If you have ever tried to order clothes online, you know how amazing this concept is! We are curious about the pricing though; $100 is a lot. You can pay a lot of return shipping fees before you break even, especially since most people don’t buy more than a couple of nice pairs of jeans a year. It would have been amazing if LikeAGlove could have positioned their product as a marketing vehicle for various clothing labels and collected revenue from offering their garments in the app.

We are excited to see that LikeAGlove has been able to move forward to the point of launching their product. We can’t to get our hands on it, test it out, and see how much depth their is to their online database of jeans. LikeAGlove had originally demoed a top designed to help you find a perfect dress; it was long enough to collect hip and waist information. While leggings make a lot of sense as an initial product, we hope that the company also releases the top. Head past the break to see how the smart leggings work: