Rebecca Minkoff Drone Watch Charging Wallet

Rebecca Minkoff continued their technology push at NYFW this week. Days after debuting last spring’s runway show in VR, the company announced and released a slew of iPhone and Apple Watch accessories and integrated drones into their fashion show. While not the first designer to make use of drones at a runway show (Fendi was last Fall in Milan), the company stressed using the drones was more than just a gimmick. According to Uri Minkoff, the brand’s CEO and co-founder, the company feels that technology such as drones represent the brand’s vision. Uri is looking forward to a world where pocket-size drones such as Nixie and Lily are common place, saying, “We wanted to incorporate drone technology into the show because the millennial woman is probably going to have her own drone in the next couple of years.” He continued, “In the next couple of years we’ll see the selfie stick go away and maybe we’ll all have personal drones.”

For those who like things a bit more tangible, Rebecca Minkoff has released the first designer Apple Watch bands. Unlike the Apple Watch Hermes, Rebecca Minkoff is selling the bands only (not requiring a Watch purchase) and they are available immediately for between $80 and $100. Also debuting is a line of iPhone wallets with built-in charging capability. The wallets are able to more than double your phone’s battery life and are rechargeable via micro-USB. They include a special case for your phone that allows it to easily slide and lock into place. Like the watch bands, the charging wallets are available immediately; they sell for $120 and are compatible with the upcoming iPhone 6S.