MC10 Readies BioStamp Vital Tracking Wearable “Tattoo”

MC10 BioStamp My UV Patch Wearable Tattoo Healthcare LOreal EKG

If you have ever spent any time in a hospital you know one of the most grating parts of the experience is constantly being connected to various machines. Not only do they limit your movement, all the cords, wires, and tubes make you feel like you aren’t yourself. Wearable “tattoos” have long been discussed as a way to lessen some of the cables while also allowing your vitals to be wirelessly transmitted to your doctors and nurses who might not be in the room. The nomenclature of “tattoo” is a bit misleading; the devices are basically a small BandAid-like sticker that is barely noticeable, like a second skin. Medical device company MC10 looks ready to launch one of the first such wearable later this year, call BioStamp.  

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